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Biblia. The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments (1899 előtt)

Cím: Biblia. The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments : To witch are appended : Notes analytical, critical, chronological, historical and geographical : Glossary of antquities : An abstract of modern discoveries : A dictionary of scripture proper names : A biblical index : Concordance : A new series of Maps : And compendium of sripture natural history
Megjelenési adatok: Oxford : University Pr. ; London : Henry Frowde, [1899 előtt]. – 1252, 378 p., 12 t. fol. : ill., fekete-fehér képek, színes térképek ; 20 cm
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The Translators of the Bible wish Grace, Mercy, and Peace, through JESUS CHRIST our Lord.

Great and manifold were the blessings, most dread Sovereign, which Almighty God, the Father of all mercies, bestowed upon us the people of England, when first he sent Your Majesty’s Royal Person to rule and reign over us. For whereas it was the expectation of many, who wished not well unto our Sion, that upon the setting of that bright Occidental Star, Queen Elizabeth of most happy memory, some thick and palpable…


»»» Címlap.
»»» Impresszum.
»»» To the Most High and Mighty Prince JAMES, By the Grace of Gold,
»»» The First Book of Moses, Called GENESIS. [5]
»»» The Second Book of Moses, Called EXODUS. 64
»»» The Third Book of Moses, Called LEVITICUS. 114
»»» The Fourth Book of Moses, Called NUMBERS. 151
»»» The Fifth Book of Moses, Called DEUTERONOMY. 204
»»» The Book of Joshua. 247
»»» The Book of Judges. 277
»»» The Book of Ruth. 306
»»» The First Book of Samuel, Otherwise Called, the First Book of the Kings. 310
»»» The Second Book of Samuel, Otherwise Called, the Second Book of the Kings. 348
»»» The First Book of the Kings, Commonly Called, the Third Book of the Kings. 380
»»» The Second Book of the Kings, Commonly Called, the Fourth Book of the Kings. 417
»»» The First Book of the CHRONICLES. 453
»»» The Second Book of the CHRONICLES. 486
»»» EZRA. 527
»»» The Book of Nehemiah. 539
»»» The Book of Esther. 556
»»» The Book of Job. 565
»»» The Book of Psalms. 596
»»» The Poverbs. 669
»»» Ecclesiastes; or the Preacher. 694
»»» The Song of Solomon. 702
»»» The Book of the Prophet Isaiah. 707
»»» The Book of the Prophet Jeremiah. 764
»»» The Lamentations of Jeremiah. 829
»»» The Book of the Probhet Ezekiel. 835
»»» The Book of Daniel. 894
»»» HOSEA. 912
»»» JOEL. 920
»»» AMOS. 924
»»» OBADIAH. 930
»»» JONAH. 931
»»» MICAH. 933
»»» NAHUM. 938
»»» HABAKKUK. 940
»»» ZEPHANIAH. 943
»»» HAGGAI. 946
»»» ZECHARIAH. 947
»»» MALACHI. 957
»»» The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour [961]
»»» The Gospel According to St. Matthew. 963
»»» The Gospel According to St. Mark. 1000
»»» The Gospel According to St. Luke. 1024
»»» The Gospel According to St. John. 1065
»»» The Acts of the Apostles. 1095
»»» The Epistles of Paul the Apostle to the Romans. 1134
»»» The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians. 1149
»»» The Second Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians. 1164
»»» The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians. 1174
»»» The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Ephesians. 1179
»»» The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Phillippians. 1184
»»» The Epsitle of Paul the Apostle to the Colossians. 1188
»»» The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Thessalonians. 1191
»»» The Second Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Thessalonians. 1194
»»» The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy. 1196
»»» The Second Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy. 1200
»»» The Epistle of Paul to Titus. 1203
»»» The Epistle of Paul to Philemon. 1205
»»» The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Hebrews. 1206
»»» The General Epistle of James. 1217
»»» The First Epistle General of Peter. 1221
»»» The Second Epistle General of Peter. 1225
»»» The First Epistle General of John. 1228
»»» The Second Epistle of John. 1232
»»» The Third Epistle of John. 1232
»»» The General Epistle of Jude. 1233
»»» The Revelation of Sr. John the Divine. 1234
»»» Bible Illustrations 1
»»» Preface. 3
»»» List of Plates. 4
»»» Bible Illustrations. 7
»»» Plates.
»»» Plate I. Phcenician and Hebrew Alphabets, as derived from the Egypian hieratic characters.
»»» Plate II. Greek and Latin Alphabets.
»»» Plate III. Doorway of a Tomb at Gizeh.-About B.C. 3600.
»»» Plate IV. Prisse Papyrus.-About B.C. 2500.
»»» Plate V. The “Rosetta Stone.”-B.C.195.
»»» Plate VI. The “Moabite Stone.”-About B.C.890.
»»» Plate VII. The “Siloam Inscription.”-About B.C.700.
»»» Plate VIII. Hebrew Pentateuch (Exod. xx. 1-5).-Ninth Century.
»»» Plate IX. Hebrew Pentateuch (Numbers vi. 3-10).-Twelfth Century.
»»» Plate X. The “Book of the Law.”-Fifteenth Century.
»»» Plate XI. Samaritan Pentateuch (Deut. i. 44-ii. 7). -A.D. 1219.
»»» Plate XII. Samaritan Pentateuch (Deut. i. 44-ii.7).-A.D.1219.
»»» Plate XIII. Syriac Books of the Pentateuch (Ecod. xiii. 14-16). A.D. 464.
»»» Plate XIV. Syriac “Curetonian” Gospels (St. Matt. xv.20-25).
»»» Plate XV. Syriac Book of Genesis (Gen. xlv. 5-11).-Seventh Century.
»»» Plate XVI. Syriac Book of Isiah (Isiah xliv. 25-xlv. 3).
»»» Plate XVII. Arabic Book of Job (Job xxviii. 1-21).-Ninth Century.
»»» Plate XVIII. Ethiopic Octateuch (Gen. xxxix. 11-16).-Fifteenth Century.
»»» Plate XIX. Armenian Gospels (St.Mark iv. 40-v.7.).-Ninth Century.
»»» Plate XX. Coptic Gospel of St. Luke (St. Luke v. 5-9).-Eighth Century, or earlier.
»»» Plate XXI. Codex Vaticanus (Esdras ii. 1-8). – Fourth Century.
»»» Plate XXII. Codex Sinaiticus (Esther ii. 3-8).-Fourth or Fifth Century.
»»» Plate XXIII. Codex Alexandrinus (St. Luke xii.54-xii.4.). Fifth Century.
»»» Plate XXIV. Codex Ephraemi (St. Matt. xx. 16-23).-Fifth Century.
»»» Plate XXV. Codex Bezae (St. Luke xxiii. 47-xxiv.i).-Sixth Century.
»»» Plate XXVI. Codex Bezae (St. Luke xxiii. 47-xxiv.i.) -Sixth Century.
»»» Plate XXVII. Codex Claromontanus (Romans vii. 4-7).-Sixth Century.
»»» Plate XXVIII. Codex Claromontanus (Romans vii. 4-7).-Sixth Century.
»»» Plate XXIX. Codex Laudianus (Acts xv. 22-24). -Seventh Century.
»»» Plate XXX. Codex Regius (St. Luke i. 1-6). -Ninth Century.
»»» Plate XXXI. Greek Gospels (St. John xx. 11-17).-Ninth or Tenth Century.
»»» Plate XXXII. Old Latin Gospelst (St. John xvi.23-30).-Late Fourth Century.
»»» Plate XXXIII. Old Latin Gospels (St.Mark xvi.6-9).-Fifth or Sixth Century.
»»» Plate XXXIV. Old Latin Gospels (St.Mark xiii.2-11).-Early Sisth Century.
»»» Plate XXXV. Old Latin Gospels (St.Mark xvi.16-20).-Seventh Century.
»»» Plate. XXXVI. Latin Gospels (St.Matthew xii. 42-45).-Sixth or Seventh.
»»» Plate XXXVII. Codex Amiatinus (St.Luke v. 1-6).-About A.D.700.
»»» Plate XXXVIII. Gothic Gospels (St.Matt.vi.9-16).-Sixth Century.
»»» Plate XXXIX. The Lindisfarne Gospels (St.Matt.xvii.24-27).-A.D.698-721.
»»» Plate XL. Anglo-Saxon Gospelst (St. John i. 1-13).-About A.D. 1000.
»»» Plate XLI. Aelfric’s Pentateuch, §c. (Geneses xliv. 3-12).-Early Eleventh Century.
»»» Plate XLII. Wyclif’s Bible (St.Mark xv. 33-41).-Late Fourteenth Century.
»»» Plate XLIII. Tindale’s New Testament (St. Matthew xv. 27-xvi. 3).
»»» Plate XLIV. Tindale’s Pentateuch (Gen. xxxvii. 9-20).-A.D. 1530.
»»» Plate XLV. Tindales New Testament (St.Matt. iv.23-v.ii).-A.D.1534.
»»» Plate XLVI. Coverdale’s Bible (Eccles.xi.1-9).-A.D.1535.
»»» Plate XLVII. Matthew’s Bible (Job xvii. 1-16).-A.D.1537.
»»» Plate XLVIII. Taverner’s Bible (Deut. xxxii.25-35, 47-52; xxxiii 1).
»»» Plate XLIX. The Great Bible (II Kings xx. 1-7).-A.D.1539.
»»» Plate L. The Geneva Bible (Galatians i. 1-13).-A.D.1560.
»»» Plate LI. The Bishop’s Bible (Isaiah xl. 3-9).-A.D. 1568.
»»» Plate LII. The Rheims New Testament (Acts xiii. 1-15).-A.D.1582.
»»» Plate LIII. King James’s Bible: “Authorised Version”
»»» Plate LIV. The First Oxford Bible
»»» Plate LV. Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.
»»» Plate LVI. Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
»»» Plate LVII. Amen-Hetep III, king of Egyypt about B.C. 1500, offering incense before the Ark of the god Amen-Ra, the king of the gods.
»»» Plate LVIII. Egyptian Embalmers Bandaging a Mummy.
»»» Plate LIX. 1. Mumy of Rameses II, 2. Wooden Coffin of Rameses II.
»»» Plate LX. Mummy of Rameses III, king of Egypt.
»»» Plate LXI. Egyptian Sepulchral Barge.
»»» Plate LXII. Judgement-Scene from the Papyrus of Ani.
»»» Plate LXIII. Judhement-Scene from the Papyrus of Ani.
»»» Plate LXIV. The Soul Revisting the Body.
»»» Plate LXV. “The Fields of Peaceˇ” of the Egyptians.
»»» Plate LXVI. Names of Egyptian Kings mentione in the Bible.
»»» Plate LXVII. Rameses II, king of Egypt.-About B.C.1330.
»»» Plate LXVIII. Rameses II, king of Egypt, about B.C.
»»» Plate LXIX. Rameses II, king of Egypt, about B.C. 1330, slaugtering the rebel nations of Western Asia, in the presence of the god Horus, the slaughterer.
»»» Plate LXX. Strangers Coming Into Egypt.
»»» Plate LXXI. Egyptian Granaries.
»»» Plate LXXII. Egyptian Brickmakers.
»»» Plate LXXIII. Unbaked Brick,
»»» Plate LXXIV. Egyptian Fishing Scene.
»»» Plate LXXV. Document on Papyrus, from Egypt,
»»» Plate LXXVI. Egyptian Table of Offerings, Egyptian Chair of State.
»»» Plate LXXVII. Egyptian Sandals, Egyptian Collar or Breastplate.
»»» Plate LXXVIII. The Goddess Hathor, the lady of Thebes, presenting a collar to Seti I. king of Egypt.-About B.C.1370
»»» Plate LXXIX. Egyptian Harper.
»»» Plate LXXX. Egyptian Musical Instruments.
»»» Plate LXXXI. Clay Tablet From Tell El-Marna, in Upper Egypt,
»»» Plate LXXXII. Names of Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian Kings mentioned in the Bible.
»»» Plate LXXXIII. Assur-Nasir-Pal, king of Assyria,
»»» Plate LXXXIV. Siege of a City by the Assyrians.
»»» Plate LXXXV. A Royal Lion-Hunt in Assyria.
»»» Plate LXXXVI. Assur-Nasir-Pal, king of Assyria, about B.C.
»»» Plate LXXXVII. One Side of the “Black Obelisk,” set up by Shalmaneser II, king of Assyria, about B.C. 860-825, to record the victories of the thirty-one military expeditions of his reign.
»»» Plate LXXXVIII. “Jehu, Son of Omri”
»»» Plate LXXXIX. Brick of Shalmaneser II, king of Assyria.
»»» Plate XC. Tiglath-Pileser III, king of Assyria, about B.C.
»»» Plate XCI. Siege of a City by Tiglath-Pileser III, king of Assyria.
»»» Plate XCII. Fragments of a Cylinder of Sargon, king of Assyria.
»»» Plate XCIII. Six-Sided Cylinder, inscribed with the Annais of Sennacherib, king of Assyria.
»»» Plate XCIV. Extract From the Annals of Sennacherib, king of Assyria, about B.C.
»»» Plate XCV. Sennacherib, king of Assyria, about B.C.
»»» Plate XCVI. Lower Portion of a Cylinder of Esar-Haddon, king of Assyria, about B.C.
»»» Plate XCVII. Battle betwee Assur-bani-pal, king of Assyria, about B.C.
»»» Plate XCVIII. Clay Tablet inscribed with the text of the Babylonian chronicle of tha chief events in the reigns of the kings who ruled over Babylonia, B.C.
»»» Plate XCIX. Account of the Building of the walls and Temples of Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar II, king of Babylon.
»»» Plate C. Brick of Nebuchadnezzar II, king of Babylon, about B.C.
»»» Plate CI. Extract From a Cylinder of Nabonidus, king of Babylon, about B.C.
»»» Plate CII. Cylinder of Cyrus, inscribed with an account of his capture of the city.
»»» Plate CIII. Cylinder Seal Inscribed with the name of Darius.
»»» Plate CIV. Gods of Babylonia and Assyria.
»»» Plate CV. Worship of The Babplonian Sun-God.
»»» Plate CVI. Combat between the monster Tiamat, the personification of chaos, darkness, disorder, and evil, and Marduk
»»» Plate CVII. Assyrian Eagle-Headed Deity.
»»» Plata CVIIIl. Assyrian Winged Man-Headed Lion.
»»» Plate CIX. Procession of Gods Captured by Assyrian Troops.
»»» Plate CX. Inscription in Archaic Babylonian Characters.
»»» Plate CXI. Babylonian Boundary-Stone or Landmark, inscribed with the purchase-deed of a plot of ground.
»»» Plate CXII. Assyrian Account of the Creation.
»»» Plate CXIII. The Assyrian Account of the Deluge.
»»» Plate CXIV. The Emperor Augustus.
»»» Plate CXV. The Emperor Tiberius, Born B.C.
»»» Plate CXVI. The Emperor Vespasian
»»» Plate CXVII. The Emperor Titus.
»»» Plate CXVIII. Procession of Roman Soldiers carrying the seven-bramcjed camdlestick, the table of shewbread, and the silver trumpets taken at the capture of Jerusalem by the Emperor Titus, A.D.70.
»»» Plate CXIX. Temple of Diana at Ephesus, showing the image of the goddess chich had fallen from heaven, and the columns
»»» Plate CXX. Temple of Diana at Epgesus, showing in the interior the image of the goddess which had fallen from heaven.
»»» Plate CXXI. Diana of the Ephesians: a Roman variation of the image which had fallen from heaven.
»»» Plate CXXII. Sculpture from one of the Columns of the Temple of Diana at Ephesus, as it existed in the time of St. Paul.
»»» Plate CXXIII. Gold Daric. Silver Shekel of Simon Maccabeus. Bronze Coin of Herod Agrippa I. Large Bronze Coin of Agripa II.
»»» Plate CXXIV. Silver Stater of Augustus, or Tetradrachm of Antioch (Matt. xvii.27).
»»» Helps to the study of the Bible.
»»» Summary of Contents. [V]
»»» General Index. [VII]
»»» A. [VII]
»»» B. VIII
»»» C. VIII
»»» D. IX
»»» E. X
»»» F. X
»»» G. XI
»»» H. XI
»»» I. XII
»»» J. XII
»»» K. XIII
»»» L. XIII
»»» M. XIII
»»» N. XIV
»»» O. XV
»»» P. XV
»»» Q. XVI
»»» R. XVI
»»» S. XVII
»»» T. XVIII
»»» U. XIX
»»» V. XIX
»»» W. XIX
»»» X. XIX
»»» Y. XIX
»»» Z. XIX
»»» Helps to the Study of the Bible. Part I. General Introduction. The Bible. 1
»»» I. The Title of the Bible. 1
»»» II. The Canon of Scripture. 1
»»» III. Language og the Old and New Testaments. 3
»»» IV. Authenticity of the Bible. 3
»»» V. Integrity of the Text. 4
»»» VI. Ancient Versions of the Scriptures. 6
»»» VII. Anglo-Saxon and English Versions of the Scriptures. 7
»»» Part II. The Old Testament. 9
»»» VIII. Summary of the Books of the old Testament. 9
»»» IX. Brief Summary of Old Testament History. 29
»»» X. Itinerary of Israelites to the Land of Canaan. 31
»»» XI. Miracles in the Old Testament. 32
»»» XII. Parables in the Old Testament. 33
»»» XIII. Special Prayers in the Old Testament. 33
»»» XIV. The Patriarchs and Their Descendants. 34
»»» XVI. Chronology of the Early Period of Old Testament History. 34
»»» XVII. Chronology of the Kings of Judah and Israel. 36
»»» XVIII. Chronolgical Table of the Prophets. 38
»»» XIX. Chronology From the Captivity to the Close of the Old Testament Canon. 39
»»» XX. The Witness of Modern Discoveries to the Old Testament Narrative. 40
»»» XXI. Ethnology of the Jews and the Surrounding Nations. 43
»»» Part III. The Apocrypha. 46
»»» XXII. Summary of the Books of the Apocrypha. 46
»»» XXIII. Historical Sketch of the Period Between the Old and New Testaments. 49
»»» XXIV. Chronological Table of the Period. 51
»»» Part IV. The New Testament. 53
»»» XXV. Summary of the Books of the New Testament. 53
»»» XXVI. Chronology and Harmony of the Gospels. 64
»»» XXVII. Our Lord’s Miracles. 69
»»» XXVIII. Our Lord’s Parables. 69
»»» XXIX. Special Prayers and Thanksgivings in the New Testament. 70
»»» XXX. The Names, Titles, and Offices of Christ. 71
»»» XXXI. Probhecies Relating to Chirst. 71
»»» XXXII. Passages from the Old Testament Quoted in the New Testament. 72
»»» XXXIII. References to the Old Testament, not Being Exact Quotations. 75
»»» XXXIV. References in the New Testament to Incidents Rocorder in the Old Testament. 77
»»» XXXV. Chronology of the Acts and Pauline Epistles. 78
»»» XXXVI. St. Paul’s Missionary Journeys. 79
»»» XXXVII. St. Pau’s Voyage to Rome. 82
»»» Part V. Palestine, Its Inhabitants, Physical Geography, Cutoms, etc. 84
»»» XXXVIII. Political Condition of Judea in the First Century A.D. 84
»»» XXXIX. Family of the Herods. 86
»»» XL. Jewish Sects, Parties, Etc. 86
»»» XLI. Geography and topography of the Bible. 90
»»» XLII. Mountains of Scripture. 98
»»» XLIII. Rivers, Lakes, Etc. of Scripture. 98
»»» XLIV. Geology and Mineralogy of Bibles Lands. 99
»»» XLV. Precious Stones of the Bible. 101
»»» XLVI. Botany of the Bible. 103
»»» XLVII. Animals of the Bible. 111
»»» XLVIII. Birds Found in Palestine, with References to Those Named in Scripture. 115
»»» XLIX. Aquatic Creatures of the Bible. 118
»»» L. Reptiles and Amphibia of the Bible. 119
»»» LI. Insects and Other Smaller Animals of the Bible. 121
»»» LII. Music and Musical Instruments of the Bible. 123
»»» LIII. Jewish Weights, Money, Measures, and Time. 125
»»» LIV. The Jewish Calendar. 128
»»» LV. List of Obsolete or Ambiguous Words in the English Authorised Version. 129
»»» LVI. Glossary of Antiquities, Customs, Etc. 139
»»» LVII. Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names, with their Pronunciation and Meaning: 155
»»» LVIII. Subject-Index to the Holy Scriptures. 193
»»» LVI. Concordance to the Holy Scriptures. 229
»»» A. 229
»»» B. 234
»»» C. 240
»»» D. 249
»»» E. 261
»»» F. 269
»»» G. 283
»»» H. 289
»»» I. 298
»»» J. 300
»»» K. 301
»»» L. 302
»»» M. 305
»»» N. 309
»»» O. 311
»»» P. 313
»»» Q. 324
»»» R. 324
»»» S. 337
»»» T. 355
»»» U. 362
»»» V. 364
»»» W. 365
»»» Y. 376
»»» Z. 378
»»» The Indexed Atlas to the Holy Bible. 379
»»» Térkép. Canaan.
»»» Térkép. The Peninsula of Sinai.
»»» Térkép. Canaan.
»»» Térkép. The Dominions of David and Solomon.
»»» Térkép. The Kingdoms of Judah § Israel.
»»» Térkép. Assyria.
»»» Térkép. Babylonian Empire.
»»» Térkép. Persian Empire.
»»» Térkép. Grecian Empire.
»»» Térkép. Roman Empire.
»»» Térkép. The Environs of Jerusalem.
»»» Térkép. The Holy Land.
»»» Térkép. The Missionary Journeys of Time Apostle Paul.
»»» The Temple Rebuilty by Herod.

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