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The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into the financial sector has revolutionized traditional practices, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and decisionmaking processes across various domains. This keynote speech explores the multifaceted applications of AI in finance, categorizing them into five distinct areas: customer service and personalization, investment opportunities, fraud detection and risk management, compliance and regulations, and operation automation. In the realm of customer service and personalization, AI-powered chatbots and robo-advisors are reshaping interactions between financial institutions and customers, providing personalized financial advice and automating routine tasks. AI's impact on investment opportunities is profound, with algorithmic trading and portfolio management leading the way. These applications leverage AI algorithms to analyze market trends, execute real-time transactions, and optimize investment strategies. Fraud detection and risk management are critical areas where AI excels, enabling financial institutions to detect anomalies and patterns indicative of fraudulent activities in real-time. In the realm of compliance and regulations, AI has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing processes with its advanced capabilities, including reactive compliance solutions like Know Your Customer (KYC) verification and proactive due diligence processes. Lastly, AI-driven operation automation simplifies tasks such as document …
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