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The invitation to prepare an English translation of the De Jure Belli ac Pacis by Hugo Grotius was extended to Mr. Kelsey by Dr. Scott, of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, in June 1918. At that time the opinion was quite general that the World War would probably last for two years longer ; and it was thought that if the translation could be made ready before the peace negotiations should begin, the publication would be particularly opportune. The invitation was accepted with the condition that the work might be divided, in order to facilitate progress. The preparation of the manuscript was well under way when the Armistice came, and during the subsequent peace negotiations the undertaking was allowed to lag. Then, too, near the close of 1919, Mr. Kelsey was obliged to go abroad on a scientific mission which involved an absence of two years from the United States. Hence the delay in publication, which has now become opportune by reason of the approaching tercentenary of the first publication of the De Jure Belli ac Pacis in 1625. The translation, however, was made from the text of the edition published in Amsterdam in 1646, because it embodied the last revision of the author. In making the final draft for the printer, the translators have consulted the other editions published in the lifetime of Grotius and have had the advantage of consulting also the new edition of the text by P. C. Molhuysen, which was published in Leyden in 1919. Of the translation it is …
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