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The evils of our present social order are many in number and serious in their effects. But the security and permanence of our civilization are menaced by two things in particular: (1) the waste of materials and men inherent in the system, and (2) the constant threat of war which grows out of the system. The first evil suggested Stuart Chase’s pamphlet, The Challege of Waste; the second suggests this companion pamphlet in the L. I. D. series of social studies. Like all our pamphlets it has had the benefit of the advice and criticism of many friends of the L. I. D. to whom our thanks are due. It has been written in grave and anxious days. No man can foretell what will eventuate from the French occupation of the Ruhr even before this pamphlet is in print. The possibilities for evil in the still unsettled Near Eastern situation are only less grave. At first sight both these crises seem to illustrate the madness of the nations rather than the working out of economic interest. Behind the war in the Near East lay the age-old feud between Greeks and Turks, racial and religious, with its resulting complex of fear, pride, ambition, and desire for revenge. Behind the Franco-German crisis lies not only the history of centuries of conflict but the fresh memory of the devastated areas of northern France. If the popular desire in France for security is an abnormal and unreasoning obsession which tends to defeat its own ends it is at least not surprising under the circumstances. But if …
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