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Szerkesztők: Kis Kelemen Bence; Mohay Ágoston
További szerzők: Kis Kelemen Bence; Kovács-Zsankó Gyöngyvér; Špadina, Helga; Tarrósy István; James, Cherry; Koo, John; van Rij, Jorn; Mohay Ágoston; Sengpunya, Phet; Szaniszló Réka Brigitta; Varga Alexandra; Pokhodun, Yuliia
Cím: EU justice and home affairs research papers in the context of migration and asylum law
Megjelenési adatok: University of Pécs, Faculty of Law, Centre for European Research and Education, Pécs, 2019. | ISBN: 978-963-429-422-1

coverimage Migration, asylum and the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice continue to be some of the most discussed and topical policy areas of the European Union. The Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership entitled Innovative Solutions for Practicality and Impact in Refugee and Migration Oriented Education (INSPIRED) has aimed inter alia at improving the quality and relevance of legal education in the field of refugee and migration oriented edu-cation at the partner universities. It has undertaken to introduce innovative learning methods in legal education such as virtual mobility and the strategic use of information and communication technology, as well as to strengthen the quality of specialized education through international mobility and cross-border cooperation. The research papers contained in this volume have been prepared partly by the lecturers and researchers taking part in the INSPIRED project, and partly by invited external researchers. They cover various legal and political aspects of migration and asylum related issues ranging from the anticipated effectsof Brexit through the principle of non-refoulement in the practice of FRONTEX to the international responsibility of private military and security companies in-volved in border control operations. The authors and editors of this book hope that the researchpapers contained herein can serve as valuable contributions to the academic debate on some of the most significant contemporarychallenges that the European Union has to face.

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