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Brown, Edward: A brief account of some travels in Hungaria (1673)

Szerző: Brown, Edward (1644-1708)
Cím: A brief account of some travels in Hungaria, Servia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Thessaly, Austria, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, and Friuli. As also some observations on the Gold, Silver, Copper, Quick-silver Mines, Baths, and Mineral Waters in those parts: with the Figures of some Habits and Remarkable places. By Edward Brown … of the College of London, …
Megjelenési adatok: London : Printed by T. R. Benj. Tooke, 1673. – 122, [6] p.- 33 cm
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A Great part of these Papers were Printed eight years since, and some of them have been the light no less than twelve : But since that the Copies have been disposed of , and the Impressions fold , the Bookfeller hath thought fit to Reprint them together. In order to which, whilst he gave me the Opportunity to read them over, I could not omit the making of divers Additions, and adjoyning another Journey through the delightful Country of Lombardy : Calling to mind the Magnificence of some Roman Antiquities, and the Remarkable Actions of great Men in those Quarters. Whereby I might give a short Account of the strange Fate and various Revolutions of divers of their ancient Cities. As to the natural Curiosities and Observations in the first parts, it would be unnecessary to make any Introduction, they having now run through so many hands.
Edward Brown


»»» Boritó
»»» Gerinc
»»» Exlibris
»»» Címlap
»»» To the Reader
»»» The General Description of Hungary. [1]
»»» A Journey from Vienna in Austria, to Larissa in Thessalia 14
»»» The Description of Larissa and Thessaly 34
»»» Some Occurrencies and Observations in this Journey 46
»»» A Journey from Komara or Gomora to the Mine-towns in Hungary and from Thence to Vienna 55
»»» A Journey from Vienna into Styria; Carinthia; Carniola; Friulia 73
»»» A Journey from Norwich to Colen in Germany 91
»»» A Journey from Colen to Vienna 113
»»» The Description of Vienna 131
»»» A Journey from Vienna in Austria to Hamburg 160
»»» A Journey from Colen in Germany to London 180
»»» A Journey from Venice to Genoa 194
»»» The Table [223]
»»» A Catalogue of some Books printed for Benjamin Tooke at the Ship in St. Paul’s Church-yard [227]

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