Book donation

On Digitália, one of the online interfaces of the University of Pécs Library and Knowledge Centre, the readers can find a great number of digitalized scientific works – and the collection is constantly expanding! Nowadays, access to digitalized documents is becoming increasingly relevant. It can be seen by the fact that many publications and documents are published digitally, and printers usually print these works from PDF master prints.

The staff of Digitália welcomes works voluntarily donated by their authors, successors or right-holders. This way the interface of Digitália can be expanded with a number of new works from various disciplines, providing a wider reader base by making them available online.

This can be made by the author/right-holder donating the published scientific work for publication in Digitália under a licensing agreement.

If the author specifically declare that his/her work can be available to users freely, readers will be able to open it regardless of time and location. If the author/right-holder does not consent to the document being made freely available, an option is that the work can only be read on dedicated terminals in our library. In this case, readers cannot even print, copy and save parts from the work.

The book can be sent via e-mail (up to 15 MB). If its size exceeds 15 MB, please send it to us via a file transfer website or share with us its cloud storage link.


If the work was published only electronically (so not in print), it is possible for the sender to choose between “free” or terminal publication only if he/she has the work in PDF format. For other e-book formats (epub, mobi, azw, prc, etc.), we will only be able to accept the book if the sender allows it for free download.

At the moment, Digitália only accepts documents that meet the following parameters:

• only the author/successor/right-holder can donate the exact digital copy of the work;

• the author has to send us the front matter and cover pages of the work;

• only monographic works that fall into the category of books are accepted;

• in case of co-authorship and volume of essays or studies, permission is required from all authors;

• as a university library, at the moment, we only accept scientific works;

• only final, PDF master copies are accepted;

• an abstract in Hungarian and 3–7 Hungarian keywords are required;

• the author/successor/right-holder consents to the free/terminal use of the work in writing,

• in case of free use, the reader can freely view and save the work. In case of terminal use, the user can view only the metadata and table of contents of the work;

• the sender agrees that the work will also be included in the electronic catalog of the library.


If you are interested in donating a document, please contact one of our colleagues, who can provide further information about becoming available on Digitália:


Ambrus Attila József

IT administrator – librarian