Selected essays of Faculty of Law University of Pécs

Szerkesztők: Chronowski Nóra; Hornyák Szabolcs; Nemessányi Zoltán; Pánovics Attila; Peres Zsuzsanna; Szőke Gergely László
További szerzők: Ádám Antal ; Chronowski Nóra; Csapó Zsuzsanna; Fenyvesi Csaba; Gelányi Anikó; Herke Csongor ; Kajtár Edit ; Komanovics Adrienne; Mester Máté; Mohay Ágoston; Nagy Zoltán András ; Nemessányi Zoltán; Parti Katalin; Pókecz Kovács Attila; Puss Tamás; Varga Katalin
Cím: Selected essays of Faculty of Law University of Pécs
Sorozatcím: Studia iuridica auctoritate Universitatis Pécs publicata ; 144.
Megjelenési adatok: University of Pécs Faculty of Law, Pécs, 2009. | ISSN: 0324-5934 | ISBN: 978-963-642-315-5

coverimage This volume of Studia Iuridica is the 144th issue of a scientific series running since 1958. Both this periodic paper and the Faculty of Law of University of Pécs have a long history. Our Faculty celebrated the 85th anniversary of the first semester opened in Pécs in 2008. Our institution - in original name the Elisabeth Royal Flungarian University - has been established in 1914 in Pozsony (Bratislava; now the capital of Slovak Republic). Soon after the foundation the University was forced to move from its seat to Pécs in 1923 in the dramatic times following the peace treaties ending the First World War. Episcopal College of Law, an institution of legal education established by bishop Ignácz Szepesy was working in the sheltering city of Pécs the since 1833. The Faculty of Law of the University and the College amalgamated in 1923. Arduous years came despite the self-sacrificing efforts of the city and the University, but the research activity of the professors was unbroken and the first publication depicting the situation and research of the University, written by Dr. vitéz Pál Szabó, an erstwhile librarian, shows impressive results. The volume faithfully describes the Faculties, Institutes, Departments and the professors who headed them. Their work is a fine example and source of endurance for all of us who, in the 21st century, are striving to further the good reputation of the Faculty of Law of Pécs and measure up the challenges in legal sciences and education. The Faculty of Law of University of Pécs is also a part of international cooperation in legal profession. We take part in international conferences and publish in several languages in papers of many universities all over the world. Evidently the most important professional environment for our Faculty is Hungary and the European Union. Many ways of partnership and cooperation connect us to other European universities and academic institutions. Works of our colleagues is also a part of European legal literature. The Studia Iuridica is the flagship of scientific publication activity of our Faculty. On the decision of Faculty Senate the forthcoming issues will be published according to a new editing concept. During five decades this paper was issued mostly in Hungarian language. The most obvious indication of the new concept is the change in language. This and the following volumes will be published in English and the paper will turn from occasional publication to a regular annual review. We aspire to a better and more organic link to the international scientific discourse in legal disciplines. The new series of Studia Iuridica tends to be a medium of this ambition. This volume presents a cross-section from the current publications of our researchers, professors and PhD students. The discussed topics cover several current and classical problems of legal sciences. Public law, criminal sciences and civil law are represented in this volume. This paper publishes works by researchers of our Faculty though the editorial board should welcome for the forthcoming issues of Studia Iuridica authors from other institutions whether from Hungary or other countries. Finally let me express my gratitude to the authors and the members of editorial board for their contribution.
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